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Romance Weekend Package - Valentines Day - Anniversary - Mother's Day


  Romance From the Heart -  Smooth Jazz with Soft Nature Sounds ...  Beautiful arrangements of Romantic melodies 

1. Seashore Drive (6:30)  2. I Love You (I Gave My Love A Cherry) (5:24)  3. Manhattan Nights (6:14)  4. Karenís Song (6:00)  5. Quiet Waters (3:52)  6. I Reach Out To You (6:20)  7. Ocean Rhapsody (7:11)


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  Spa - Bath and Body INDULGENCE - for the Ultimate Bath Experience ...  Over 40 minutes of beautiful, romantic music arranged with peaceful  sounds of nature.  1. Quiet Waters  8:57 - 2. Ocean Rhapsody 7:32 - 3. Dream Essence 8:24 - 4. Mediterranean Shore 8:18 - 5. Indian Springs 7:14  This CD will provide the perfect Soundtrack for your Ultimate Bath Experience.  Let the soothing sounds fill the room.  Immerse all your senses - Enjoy ...



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